Compassionate Root Canal Therapy

At Columbus Endodontic Specialists, we specialize in quality, compassionate root canal therapy. As endodontic specialists, we are aware of the inconvenience caused by the need for a root canal. Our convenient scheduling, state-of-the-art technology, and caring staff ensure that root canal therapy will be as pleasant as possible for every patient.

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Patient Information

Why Have Endodontic Treatment

Learn more about the importance of endodontic treatment, its many benefits, and what to expect at appointments in our office.

Payment/Insurance Information

We do not want financing to be a hassle. Please see our various payment methods and  in-network insurance providers.

What Sets Us Apart

Our office has unique policies and procedures which truly set us apart. Communication and education are cornerstones of our practice.

Treatment Day

Plan for your root canal appointment by learning about the procedure itself, as well as the before and after care the day of treatment.

After Treatment

Learn about what to expect immediately after a root canal procedure, including necessary follow-up appointments and more.


We encourage you to use our online form system to save time before you come to our office. Keep in mind that you can call our office at any time for clarification.